My mission: to preserve and cherish the memories of Rosenblatt Stadium – Omaha’s original home of the College World Series and the Omaha Royals.

Need more background? Read What happened to Rosenblatt Stadium?

My Story

Mine is the story of a kid who grew up virtually in the shadows of Rosenblatt’s towering stadium lights, left the neighborhood as an adult and was drawn back again and again.

My love affair with Rosenblatt culminated with an in-depth behind the scenes experience few have had the opportunity to experience. I invite you to come along with me on a journey that will help us all remember the grandeur of Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.

Paul Fiarkoski (me) with Sean Stires in the press box at Rosenblatt Stadium for the 2010 CWS
Me (left) with Sean Stires in the press box at Rosenblatt Stadium for the 2010 CWS.

In this blog, I have tried to capture just how special a place Omaha’s Rosenblatt Stadium is. I refer to it in the present tense because the stadium still stands as I write this and because, if we allow it to, the legendary field of dreams will remain forever in our hearts and minds.

You can make this whole experience better for everyone if you share your own memories by leaving a comment below (only your comment and name will be visible)

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My work is not supported by or affiliated with the City of Omaha, NCAA or other entity.

Paul Fiarkoski


  1. Paul,
    I read your article on baseball360, and I thought it really showed a lot about the differences. Ive been twice to the Blatt, I went in 2006 and last year 2010. Our group, which had been watching the CWS for years, didnt realize the “vibe” that was present in that neighborhood and just the overall feel of the experience, which really has nothing to do with what goes on inside the lines of the field, though that is great too.

    How would you describe the outside “scene” at the new park?

    I was wondering if you could comment on just what those “feelings” were like. One of our favorite spots, was the Royal View Hall, which during CWS turned into a combo of Famous Daves and a Frat Party, it was great, last year one man live Piano, it was awesome. But we’ve had that feeling the new park wont have places like that, it will be more permanent establishments, bars, that you can find at any stadium. Having been to wrigley, to me wrigley is as much about wrigleyville as it was about Wrigley field, that is sort of how I felt with Rosenblatt, but the powers that be never seemed to get that.

    1. Tim,
      The feeling at TD Ameritrade is very different than Rosenblatt. The best way I can describe it is “all business”. You don’t see people hanging around in the lots (or anywhere) taking time to shoot the breeze or make friends, etc. People seem to be in a rush to get into the lots, then they jump out of their cars and make a beeline for the stadium. Once you’re in the stadium it’s really all business.

      In all fairness, I need to reiterate that the new stadium is VERY NICE! And it appears to be doing everything the City of Omaha and the NCAA wanted it to do – earn tax revenues and raise the stature of the College World Series.

      I invite you to see the more in-depth review I’ve been lax in posting. Read A Rosenblatt lover’s review of TD Ameritrade Park>>


  2. Hello there! I am writing you for an odd request. My father Charles C. Lindberg used to attend the College World Series every year (early 80s thru late 2000s) until his health wouldn’t allow it. He would make the 470 some mile trip from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota every year as a sort of pilgrimage to Rosenblatt Stadium. Many times I would go with as a youngster and bring a different friend every year. This was my father’s way of exposing other less fortunate kids to a world outside Detroit Lakes. He would always say, “If I die and go to heaven, I’m sure it will look like Rosenblatt Stadium.” That’s a huge accomplishment coming from a devote Catholic that follows Notre Dame Football.

    My father has dementia and we will be forced to place him in a nursing home because of the level of care he needs has escalated. We are looking to place things in his room that he recognizes and is comfortable with so as to make the transition as smooth as possible for him. He used to have a framed poster behind his desk in his office of Rosenblatt Stadium and we cannot find it to be placed in his new home. I was wondering if you or someone you know would have any old posters of the now demolished stadium (sad day) or maybe any professional pictures that I could have blown up. I would be willing to pay for the poster/s and would have them framed. I believe that being able to see the stadium could help him remember the memories of Rosenblatt Stadium (happy/fun times) and could help make his days a little more enjoyable.

    I know how he feels about his time spent at the College World Series because it truly holds a tender spot in my heart also. I appreciate any help you are able to give me and thank you in advance for anytime this make take from your schedule. Please contact me when you have the opportunity.

    Thank you,

    Charlie T. Lindberg
    Account Executive Manager
    The Village Business Institute
    Phone: 701-451-5034 or 800-627-8220 ext 5034

  3. You have a great topic for a blog. It takes dedication to help preserve iconic places. Thanks for stopping by and following my travel and photo blog. I was just driving through Omaha last week. It would have been interesting to “touch bases” with you then. I could have added my own take on your challenge. I get through your part of the world on occasion. I’ll try to remember the next time I plan to be in your neighborhood. Planning a trip south in June, I could maybe divert a bit east of my planned route then.

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