NET Nebraska debuts documentary: Rosenblatt – The Final Inning

When I was back in Omaha for the College World Series in 2010 I snapped this picture of the NET Nebraska (PBS) crew that was shooting the documentary about Rosenblatt Stadium called Rosenblatt: The Final Inning.

NET Nebraska crew
NET Nebraska crew films a clip for Rosenblatt - The Final Inning at the 2010 College World Series

Next thing I knew, they had a mic on me and the camera in my face. The premier showing is Saturday, June 11 at 7 pm CT at which time I’ll find out if I said anything stupid. From what I understand this production will be quite a bit different from the video released by the NCAA in 2010 in that it covers more than just the history of college baseball at Rosenblatt. Make sure you tune in or set your DVR.

For those of you outside the Omaha & Lincoln metro areas you can watch a live webcast online at I’ll have to watch online too. Check out the teaser clip now.

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