If there were a Rosenblatt Stadium Hall of Fame, who would you nominate?


If there were a Rosenblatt Stadium Hall of Fame, who would you nominate?

People to consider:

  • Amateur and professional athletes
  • Coaches and assistants
  • Employees
  • Fans
  • Politicians

Tell us who you think deserves honor in the make believe Rosenblatt Stadium Hall of Fame and why?

Here are the names suggested by Rosenblatt fans on Facebook and Twitter:

  • Bombo Rivera
  • Calvin Pickering
  • Chris Christiansen
  • Eric Ducote
  • Hayne Matthews
  • Herman the Nut
  • Jason Bohn
  • Jason Hansen
  • Jesse Cuevas
  • Joann Zenchuk-Crinklaw
  • Joe Vitiello
  • Jon Gilsdorf
  • Josh Widman
  • Justin Conn
  • Karren Kobert Crain
  • Kevin costner
  • Kit Pellow
  • Kris Tuel
  • Lambert Bartak
  • Mark Kotsay
  • Martie Joseph Cordaro
  • Mike Jirshele
  • Mike Moustakas
  • Pork Chop Pough
  • Stan the Beerman
  • Steve Henson
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Tony Price
  • Twizzler man
  • Warren Morris


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